Crm Features

Sales Funnel Management - Track your deals

Get a more complete view of your sales pipeline with our unique and highly-visual Sales Funnel.
Dive deep into your hottest and most active deals with our ‘Sink or Swim’ view and leave no deal unturned by highlighting which deals need to be followed up on.

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Size really does matter

Deal size is relative in our visual sales funnel, immediately telling you whether you’re dealing with a whale-sized deal or a little fish. This enables teams to prioritize which deals to focus on first, increasing all-round productivity.

Brighter really
does mean better

We’re all about visualization, so that’s why we’ve used colour to highlight Deal activity; the brighter the deal, the more active it is. As the deal fades, the longer the period of time since you interacted with that opportunity. All this information is overlaid on the Sales Funnel, providing you with an instant top-level overview of your Deals.

Drag & Drop

Dragging & dropping makes moving Deals into the next Phase of your Sales Funnel effortless. See Deals light up to show the level of activity.

Mobile Sales App

Sometimes work takes you places. Manage your sales on the go with our iOS and Android mobile App.

Multi Sales Funnel

One size does not fit all and that’s why SalesSeek supports multiple sales processes. Each Sales Funnel is totally customisable with no limitations.

Contact Management

Advanced but intuitive contact management software. Centrally manage all of your leads, customers and advocates with our permission-based team software.

Work together. Win together.

Clean contact management is essential for your Sales and Marketing teams. SalesSeek provides you with the smartest solution for managing your contacts with its centralized customer database software. Designed for collaboration, teams can work together to efficiently and effectively manage customers’ data - decreasing time wastage and reducing data duplication.

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Contact Management

Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Tools

The sky’s the limit with unlimited email marketing campaigns. SalesSeek keeps your communications efficient and transparent for your team. Improve and celebrate success by tracking your campaign results with SalesSeek’s new visual analytics. You’ll never miss a beat.

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Unite your team
with a single database

Easy to maintain, cloud-based customer database software. Marketing can pass 'open and click' leads onto Sales to give your email campaigns the ultimate reach. Automatically update your live lists as soon as a new lead is added or an email opened.

CRM single database

Measure your success

Compare the results of your email campaigns with our new visual interface. Track opens, clicks, unsubscribes, spam, bounces and more. See the results correlate to your Sales Funnel. Watch your activity feed fill up as your leads start to interact with your emails in real-time.

Email Marketing Analytics

Mailing List for every purpose

Using our advanced filtering, tagging and Smart Group segmentation, you can send a personalised Direct Email to an unlimited number of contacts. You can also create beautifully customised HTML emails with our new Campaigns tool, straight from SalesSeek.

Mailing Lists for every purpose

Email Archiving

Track emails without leaving SalesSeek. Use the activity feed to view and respond to any email with a single click.

Integrate with MailChimp

Get the MailChimp you love, turbo boosted with the power of SalesSeek. Create email campaigns with Mailchimp, then edit, send and analyse with SalesSeek.


Trigger a ‘Welcome’ email when you have a new subscriber, or auto-create a Smart Group for all the emails that bounce. The possibilities and combinations are endless.

Sales Reporting

Always see the BIG picture

Making sense of your data is a challenge. With SalesSeek’s unique visualizations you can get actionable insights from large quantities of data with ease. Collaborate more and encourage growth within your team.

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Love your data with our highly visual Sales Funnel with multi-dimensional views.

Understand your data with beautiful visualizations, allowing you to hone your focus on your biggest opportunities.

Visualize your Sales Pipeline, website data and Marketing effortlessly all from one application.

Hot Leads Sink Swim Deals View Marketing Dashboard

Marketing Metrics

The Marketing Dashboard gives the insights and reporting functionality your team needs to see the effectiveness of their work. We visualized lead quality, campaign revenue and contribution for each lead source, making it simple for you to understand your efforts.

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Lead Quality

Lead Quality

See which lead sources are the most valuable by tracking their progress through your sales pipeline.

Campaign ROI

Campaign ROI

Measure the cost of each lead source.
Play on your strengths and manage the weaknesses.

Campaign Contribution

Campaign Contribution

Reflect on your previous patterns by viewing the data over a period of time.

Understand &
track your visitors

SalesSeek can visualize your website visitors, giving you real-time analytics and insights into what your traffic is doing, directly in your CRM. Use location filtering to see a breakdown of activity from a specific location.

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Control and Management Features

Every business requires leadership. We have designed SalesSeek around your team structure.
Easily tailor permissions, roles and visibility and help your team focus on your joint goals.

Control and Management Features

Sales & Marketing
Management Dashboards

Track your team’s performance by having a bird's eye view of the business. See how each team member performs across the board against their forecasts.


Choose who views which Organizations, Deals and records. Make defaults in the app settings or specific records. This lets your team focus only on what they need to.


SalesSeek is structured around a common team make-up. Set your team roles and targets in one spot. Easily structure your business’ hierarchy with simple drag ’n’ drop functionality.

SalesSeek for iOS and Android

Manage your deals on the fly

Our iOS and Android mobile App lets you grab every opportunity wherever you are. Keep an eye on the prize and gain access to your sales funnel, tasks, and contacts on the go.
Because you never know who you’ll meet.

Manage your deals on the fly using the world’s most
beautiful sales funnel software.

Access and maintain your business relationships
with a few simple touches.

Stay on top of your to-do list wherever you are.
Create new tasks and assign them to your team.

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SalesSeek Mobile App Android
SalesSeek mobile apps


Integrate your favourite tools to maximise team adoption and success.
SalesSeek integrates with all your favourite accounting, customer support, social tools, and more.

Xero CRM integration

Keep your finances in check. Ensure the process from clients won, to clients paid remains beautifully simple for your whole team.

Intercom CRM integration

Create a seamless experience for you and your customers by combing Intercoms powerful chat tools with SalesSeek.

Sage CRM integration

Sage is online account and payroll software for SMEs. Our Sage integration helps you stay on top of invoicing while maintaining your contact list.

Mailchimp CRM integration

The power of MailChimp’s visual editor right in your CRM. Edit using MailChimp’s familiar drag and drop feature, then manage, send and track success from SalesSeek.

Features that work together

Every SalesSeek feature makes your lead and revenue generation experience as smooth and simple as possible.
Tame complexity with powerful visualizations using our unique interactive Sales Funnel.

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Sales and Marketing actionable insights

Actionable insights

Track your lead’s activity or see your website stats. All insights are made visual for simple and effective interpretation.

SalesSeek integrations

We love to integrate

Integrate your third party tools for extra workflow horsepower. Our best in class customer service will make sure you have the optimum setup to match your requirements.


Drive Sales Momentum

With deal and contact management integrated into a Visual Funnel, start to see how you can improve the pace at which deals move from Prospect phase to Won.

Best-In-Class Customer Service

Easy set-up made even simpler with our friendly team.

CRM sadly has the reputation of being difficult to get setup. With SalesSeek you will have a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you every step of the way. We help you tailor SalesSeek to your business needs, so you can quickly start using SalesSeek to bring value to your business.

24-7 Email & In-App Support

Tried + Tested Implementation

Enterprise Phone Support

Bring your team together

Natively integrated sales and marketing software that gives your teams
and management complete visibility over your business.

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