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Do away with Sales Wastage.
Turn more Deals into Wins.

The Visual Sales Funnel arms teams and management with complete visibility over sales opportunities.
Gain control over lead generation and drive sales momentum all the way through to close.

Focus your attention...

Good salespeople have an above average ability to be organized. SalesSeek complements your team’s abilities and helps meet and exceed quotas by providing essential tools and valuable insights to help close deals.

Lost Deals Opportunities

...and leave no deal behind

SalesSeek gives teams and management total visibility over their business utilising our unique Visual Sales Funnel. Regain control over your sales cycle with an intuitive and visual interface which encourages and prompts action. Our customers love it.

Leave no deal behind

Remain on top of every deal.

Not all deals are created equally, sad but true. Maximize revenue and productivity by prioritizing the right deals. With one glance at the Visual Funnel, salespeople and managers can identify hot deals and those that need more attention.

Visual Deal information

Complete communication clarity. Answer every sales question.

Which is your biggest and most promising deal?

Where are the issues in the sales process?

Which of your deals need the most attention
and which are neglected?

Visual Funnel versus Table view Sales Process funnel Sink or swim sales funnel view

Sink or Swim.
Deals in another dimension.

Graphic funnel in sink or swim

Momentum is a key indicator of Deal progress and success

Sink or Swim visualizes Sales momentum, and is guaranteed to improve the speed of deal development and reduce sales wastage. Salespeople can identify winning Deals, and Sales Managers can spot the need for intervention when a Deal needs attention.

Winning deals swim along...
those at risk sink into the sediment.

How do we do this?

We’ve added a new dimension to the Sales Funnel, flipping the axis and
mapping how long each deal has been in a Phase.

Sales and Marketing beautifully aligned

Natively integrated sales and marketing software that gives your teams
and management complete visibility over your business.

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