Collaborative Forecasting, Goals, and Tasks

It takes a team effort to grow your Sales Funnel and achieve your business goals. SalesSeek makes that simple.

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Increase your productivity and close more sales today.

With CRM designed for easy collaboration and highly effective and efficient forecasting.

Highly visual and interactive sales forecasting.

Critical to any business strategy is the art of successful and dependable sales forecasting. SalesSeek gives you the ability to accurately anticipate revenue by building shared and private sales scenarios. Salespeople can plan their quotas, prioritize deals and generate new leads.

Team Collaboration Forecasts

Everything a manager needs to effectively lead a sales team, straight out of the box.

Sales managers get absolute clarity over their team’s closing periods. Managers can preemptively correct course for any complications or weak spots within the Sales Funnel.

Sales Manager Dashboard

‘Teamwork makes the dream work’ so they say. We agree.

Give your team the tools to be more productive than they already are. Share and assign tasks to allow teammates to make light of heavy work. Whether managing your own to-do list, or keeping track of others, this functionality gives clarity across all upcoming tasks.

Team collaboration Tasks Mobile App

Reports + Dashboards

The world of reporting is changing with a new generation of workers. Now we rely more on constant feedback. SalesSeek’s visual dashboard brings all the reporting power you need by using smart filters and full screen pipeline view.

Reports for teams

Marketing Dashboard

The Marketing Dashboard gives your marketeers data they need to see how their efforts turn into won deals.

Funnel full screen view

Want more out of your funnel? Use the full screen view to get closer. This will add an interactive level to the your reporting.


Assign each of your team an estimated forecast. Use the visual funnel’s colour coding to track your progress.

Sales and Marketing beautifully aligned

Natively integrated sales and marketing software that gives your teams
and management complete visibility over your business.

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