Bring your business together

SalesSeek is an all-in-one business platform and hub for your customer data. It’s your CRM, Marketing Automation Platform,
and Support Tools,
all working together for your team.

Team collaboration;
communicate, align, deliver.

Customer Data is a business critical asset. As your workforce shares data from team to team and tool to tool, that information and history is often siloed, out of sync, or worse, lost. We’ve designed and built the tools in SalesSeek to support every stage within your Sales process.

Equip your entire workforce with the tools needed to attract, win and service customers collaboratively.

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This is your Customer...

How much did they spend last month?

Are there any problems with this account?

Who did they speak to?

When did they last open an email?

Does this customer pay on time?

Where did this customer originate from?

...and this is your Customer in SalesSeek

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Visibility, Productivity and Control

Reclaim your Customer data and regain
Visibility over your Business

Visibility in SalesSeek is beyond graphics and charts; it’s about providing the highest level of context to make informed decisions and allow instant access to the granular details that make or break deals.

Align the Team

From Sales to Support, Marketing to Management, and Accounting to Account Managers, integrate every department. The first touch, becomes the only touch. Any team member can speak to any contact with confidence. Avoid poor handoff and customer confusion.

Getting the Balance right between Accountability
and Control is Critical

We support your choices. SalesSeek provides gates and guardrails to stop surprises later in the process. Signals ensure early warning before things start to move off track.