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Easy set up made even simpler with our friendly team.

We know what it’s like committing your team to a new platform. We help people do it everyday. A complex tool like a CRM can be daunting at first. We’ve made it much easier by designing something you can love and enjoy to use. We have a passionate team of individuals who can guide you through the setup process, in lightening speed. Our offices stretch the globe from London, UK and Auckland, New Zealand, allowing us to support you anytime, anywhere.

SalesSeek CRM Customer Service

Your new team members,
here to help

Our customer success team is here to help tailor SalesSeek to you and your business needs. Team adoption becomes a cinch, letting your team focus on your business priorities: Welcoming more customers.

Salesseek CRM Customer Support

Onboarding together,
so your team can utilize all the best stuff right away.

We’ve made it easy for you to make SalesSeek your own. Importing your existing data is easy and the first place to start. We are with you all the way, making the setup quick and saving you time.

Getting Started

Take advantage of our other features.

Sometimes it’s the small things that count, we have intricately designed in some of these features into SalesSeek’s DNA.


Not everyone should have access to everything, it just means unnecessary noise. User permissions makes it easy to restrict access to sensitive data across your whole team.

Permissions in Records


Going global? You might find our multi-currency feature helpful with 36 currencies to choose from.


Email Archiving

Integrate your inbox with our auto archiving feature. Following some simple steps you will be able to track incoming emails through your SalesSeek activity feed.

Email Archiving

Task Management

Keep on top of your to do list with our built in task manager. Add tasks to different contacts, organizations and deals. Assign team members and set due dates.

Tasks Management

Sales and Marketing beautifully aligned

Natively integrated sales and marketing software that gives your teams
and management complete visibility over your business.

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