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Campaigning for your success

Sending unlimited email campaigns through SalesSeek keeps your communication efficient and transparent for your team. Using your central database of contacts, your leads will never miss a beat.

Email Campaigns CRM integrated benefits


‘First impressions’ count. Give value to the stranger that
needs it.


Continue to develop your relationship while sharing benefits with your prospects.


You have become a solution to someone’s problem. Celebrate.


Retain customers with a continued positive user experience.


See your audience go from users to active promoters. Your sales team expanded.

Unique Database for Sales and Marketing

Unite your team with
a single database

An easy to maintain database, all in one place. Giving your campaigns ultimate reach. No risk of losing potential customers across multiple platforms.

Campaign like clockwork


Build your campaigns by using our simple html editor or by using our Mailchimp integration.

Schedule & Send

Harness the strength of a single database with all of your team’s contacts in one place. No one will miss a beat after you hit send.

Measure Success

See how each of your campaigns perform with our new visual interface. Watch your deal bubbles light up with activity as your leads respond.

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Make the most of Email Marketing

Effective email marketing campaigns come in all shapes and sizes.
Here are the top use cases of how companies can connect with their audience today.

Email Campaigns best practices: Newsletters Email Campaigns best practices: Onboarding Email Campaigns best practices: Offers Email Campaigns best practices: Annoucements


Keep your audience up to date with your latest news, content and success stories.


Take your prospects and customers on a journey of discovery. Outline key value points and solutions.

Offers & Promos

You can never be too generous. Surprise your customers and leads with unexpected gifts like a discount or a free giveaway.


A new release, product or service? Let your audience know when you’ve reached these milestones.

Eddie Mailchimp logo Integration

Create your email in Mailchimp and automatically see it appear in SalesSeek. All your Mailchimp contacts instantly synced to your SalesSeek account. Ready to be sent to your audience.

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