Mailchimp integration with CRM

Mailchimp Integration

The power of MailChimps visual editor right in your CRM. Edit using the familiar drag & drop feature, then manage, send & track success from SalesSeek.

Salesseek Email Campaigns

Mailchimp Visual Editor

Key Benefits

MailChimp is the biggest email tool in the world. It has created the loved drag and drop email editor.
And now, it integrates with SalesSeek.

Deal Engagement

See your deals light up with activity as your leads respond to your email campaigns. Instant insights, added value, no extra work.

Deal Engagement


Segment your contacts in SalesSeek so your CRM responds automatically to your customers journey by sending triggered emails.

Email Campaigns Automation


The best of both worlds. Use MailChimps familiar editor while scheduling, sending and analysing your emails from SalesSeek, against each individual contact.

Mailchimp and SalesSeek combination

Loved drag and drop editor
Segment in SalesSeek
Insights for Sales

Let’s ‘monkey around’

How to connect Mailchimp to SalesSeek

In SalesSeek click App Settings on the lower left.

How to connect Mailchimp to SalesSeek

Navigate your way to Integrations.

How to connect Mailchimp to SalesSeek

Select Integrations from the menu and ‘connect’ with MailChimp.

How to connect Mailchimp to SalesSeek

All you need to do now is to sign into MailChimp, then you’ll be ready to go.

What is Mailchimp?

Online email marketing solution to manage subscribers, send emails, and track results. Find out more or try Mailchimp for free.

Drag and Drop Email - Mailchimp

What is SalesSeek?

SalesSeek is online sales and marketing software for growth-focussed businesses. For starters there’s Deal Management, Email Marketing & Automation, Forecasting, Task Management, Web Analytics, and Social Monitoring.

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