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Implementation flow

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Every business is unique, every use case distinctive, and team diverse, which is why there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to implementing customer systems.

With extensive experience, our team carefully maps out each implementation, considering your requirements and applying our tried and tested routes to success and best practice. Accelerate your time to benefit.

Drive growth, improve marketing and sales strategies and reduce customer care costs. Gain more from customer relationships and boost the value of your brand.

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How it works

Our team will consult with you to plan the best route to success. All deliverables will be charted and a timeline formed. A typical implementation takes the following shape:

Main Implementation

  • Analysis of legacy systems
  • Sales strategy and transformation
  • Customer service strategy and transformation
  • Initial Data load
  • Data cleanse
  • Training
  • Marketing Campaign support and launch
  • Management reporting implementation
  • Website integration
  • Form integration
  • Social integration

Additional Services

SalesSeek bespoke services, tailored to you and the needs of your team and processes.

Further Integration

SalesSeek is the hub of your customer data and your history with those relationships. We connect your entire software stack ensuring full visibility.

Steps to implementation:


Initial Data Load & Cleanse

Our team of data specialists will clean and load your existing data laying a firm foundation for building your business on the SalesSeek platform.


Sales Strategy & Transformation

Our approach helps increase sales revenue and sales productivity by optimizing and aligning every element of high-performance selling, including sales strategy, sales enablement, workforce management and technology.


Customer Service Strategy and Transformation

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Reduce operating costs, by aligning departments and processes, breaking down information silos. Above all, have full oversight and visibility of interactions.



We provide training and coaching to help workforces and management adjust their mindsets to new strategies, processes, structures, and areas of responsibility. This is mission critical to ensuring strategy, planning, execution, and administration progresses smoothly and efficiently and becomes part of the organisational culture.



Speed is key to a successful implementation. Momentum is what drives results, our roadmaps ensures that we never stray far from our goal and targets. We collaborate with all affected parties at various milestones along the implementation journey to ensure their requirements and concerns are met and settled.


What about integrations?

Connecting SalesSeek to your website and lead, contact and registration forms is the first step of integration. Integrate your other business software, from accounting and support to social and email. SalesSeek also supports a fully Open API which enables us to integrate with almost any modern software solution. Fully integrate your business, lose no data.

Our not-so-hidden agenda

We want you to be successful, so you tell the world how happy you are.