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Think of Automations as an additional employee working tirelessly to make sure leads are followed up with, deals progress down the funnel and emails get sent. SalesSeek's Automations make your work life simpler and more productive.

Automations - Use Cases

Lead Generation

Reach out to potential customers with your tried and tested lead acquisition journey.

Lead Nurturing

Build meaningful relationships with your prospects and customers by engaging on their terms at the right time.

Customer Success

Create user on-boarding experiences to make your customers more sticky.

Smart Workflows

Automate your entire sales funnel to create a seamless self-managing sales process.


Set notifications so your team steps in at the right time.

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Simple Automations
to do powerful jobs

Automations in SalesSeek are visual, so you get the freedom to create powerful workflows that hustle for you in the background. Plan and create invaluable automations and customer journies in minutes. See exactly how your automation will work. Feel the benefits of handing over repetitive tasks to your assistant.

Mario Duran

Sales Manager

Louis Smith


Mia Douglas

Customer Support

An Automation for
everyone on your team

With unlimited custom fields and customisations, your whole team gets an assistant. Marketing automations keep your Sales Funnel full, Sales automations nurture leads and keep them moving down the Funnel, and Customer Success automations make existing customers come back for more.

Continually engage with your leads and customers using automations while you focus on growing your business.