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This is a Deal

Deals generate revenue, and revenue is what makes or breaks a business. For every Deal there are individuals, organisations, and negotiations. Each managed through strings of communication, activities and tasks. It can be complicated, but SalesSeek makes business simple.

This is the Funnel

In SalesSeek your Deals live and move through the Visual Sales Funnel. At a glance it gives your team clarity and perspective, highlighting general business health, the number of opportunities, the prospect, deal size, status, and sales momentum.

This is a Contact Record

Contacts, Organizations, and Deals, including all related activity and tasks, remain contextualized by design. SalesSeek was built to keep everything you need just a click away; navigate effortlessly between high level views on the Sales Funnel to the granular information held in the Activity Feed. Whether your looking to see if a Lead opened a recent email campaign, or reviewing the status of a Xero invoice or Intercom query, your team gets full transparency. Turn every conversation into a sales opportunity by empowering your whole team with data confidence.

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Great Visual CRM, simple but powerful

Tony Dorigo. Business Development - Skin Matrix

Easy to use and great support!

Zo Iqbal. Marketing Associate - Res Diary

Incredibly easy to use and responsive support

Charlie Vaughan. Marketing Executive - Fudge Animation

Solid operation for a Sales CRM

Chris Vaux. Partnership manager - Get my First Job

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SalesSeek connects seamlessly with all your software. Sync your apps with a single click with our existing integrations for the web’s favourite apps, including Xero or Sage for accounting, Mailchimp, DocuSign and Intercom for customer support. For everything else, there’s our Open API where your integration possibilities are unlimited.

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