Intercom integration with CRM

Intercom Integration

Create a seamless experience for you and your customers by combining Intercoms powerful chat tool with SalesSeek. Your customers will never miss a beat.

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Intercom Product

Intercom in a glance

See the status of your intercom conversations from your SalesSeek dashboard. Automatically sync your conversations against contact records and view the status and assignee. Creating a seamless experience for you, and your customers.

Intercom conversation in your Activity feed

Capturing quality

Focus on the customer. Connect through Intercom then automatically, their details will populate your SalesSeek contacts. Full name, organisation, photo, location and social links. Available to your whole team. Opportunity at your fingertips.

Records automatically sinchronized

How to connect Intercom with SalesSeek

To get the Integration you need to have an Intercom account. Then simply follow these steps and get on your way.

How to connect Intercom with SalesSeek

From your SalesSeek Dashboard click on ‘App Settings’ in the bottom left corner.

How to connect Intercom with SalesSeek

Select Integrations from the menu.

How to connect Intercom with SalesSeek

You will see a Intercom icon and ‘Connect’ button. Click the connect button.

How to connect Intercom with SalesSeek

All you need to do now is sign into Intercom, then you’ll be all ready to go.

What is Intercom?

Intercom is a fundamentally new way for internet businesses to communicate with customers, personally, at scale. Find out more or take an Intercom Free Trial.

Intercom new way of communication

What is SalesSeek?

SalesSeek is online sales and marketing software for growth-focussed businesses. For starters there’s Deal Management, Email Marketing & Automation, Forecasting, Task Management, Web Analytics, and Social Monitoring.

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