You have two prospects.
One will pay, the other can't.
Which is which?

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Which prospect is the bigger risk?

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With Experian and SalesSeek, you can focus on only your best prospects. Visualize and qualify your leads in the SalesSeek funnel using our unique Experian Credit Score filtering.

SalesSeek is the only CRM to integrate Experian’s Credit Score directly onto the visual sales funnel.

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Advanced Data

The best available customer and prospect data from Experian with a 20% discount.

Focus your Aim

Remove risk and never waste time winning over an unreliable prospect that simply can’t pay.

Deeper Visualization

Add even more visual depth to your SalesSeek funnels with Experian’s Credit Rating key.

Increase Precision

Prioritise and qualify your prospects with a glance at your funnel.

Prospects Experian Credit score Experian Credit Score Experian credit score Experian Credit Score

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