Sage Live integration with CRM

Sage Live Integration

Sage Live is online accounting and payroll software for large companies. This integration helps you stay on top of invoicing while maintaining your contact list.

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Key Benefits

SalesSeek is where you collaborate, market and sell to your prospects. Sage Live is where you manage your billing and invoicing. Our Sage Live integration ensures that the process from clients won, to clients paid is seamless.

Won Deals automation

When deals are Won we search for the contact in Sage Live, if the contact doesn’t exist they are automatically created.

New Records

If an Organization doesn’t already exist, the add-on creates the company and begins logging invoices and history automatically.

New Records - Invoices

Everything is seamless and you can navigate between the Sage Live invoice and the SalesSeek Deal with a single click.


Invoices display customer information, payment status and due date giving sales people the ability to spot payment problems before they occur.

Check and Search

The SalesSeek + Sage Live integration allows you check and search invoices for companies with the same name.

How to connect Sage Live with SalesSeek

Take advantage of this free integration. Follow these simple steps to connect SalesSeek to Sage Live:

How to connect Sage Live with SalesSeek

In SalesSeek click App Settings on the lower left.

How to connect Sage Live with SalesSeek

Navigate your way to Integrations.

How to connect Sage Live with SalesSeek

You will see a Sage icon and ‘Connect’ button. Click the connect button. A pop-up will appear.

How to connect Sage Live with SalesSeek

Using your username and password, securely login to your account to complete the integration.

What is Sage Live?

Sage Live is online accounting and payroll software. Different accountancy and payroll packages for start-ups & small businesses. Find out more or take a Sage Live free trial.

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What is SalesSeek?

SalesSeek is online sales and marketing software for growth-focussed businesses. For starters there’s Deal Management, Email Marketing & Automation, Forecasting, Task Management, Web Analytics, and Social Monitoring.

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