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If you store customer data, or use email marketing systems, GDPR legislation is very important to you and your business.

GDPR goes live
GDPR - The Basics

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU legal framework setting the guidelines for collecting and processing the personal information of an individual. In the United Kingdom it is the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) who will be defining the legal requirements and enforcing GDPR.

Integrated Software

The requirement to maintain a single source of truth and up-to-date record of your customer data means CRM and integrated systems are no longer a luxuries. Data protection officers are implementing solutions that fit GDPR 2018 requirements, streamlining the process. As the deadline approaches, the simpler the better.

for GDPR compliance

An individual’s data is important and choosing the right GDPR-optimised CRM software is a critical step to ensuring and maintaining GDPR compliance. SalesSeek is one of the leading CRM platforms adding new tools and building on existing functionality to assist in ensuring compliance.

Our Plans for GDPR

1. Integrated Out-Of-The-Box

SalesSeek is a powerful customer data platform designed for effortless integration of all the systems used by your business. SalesSeek has built-in bulk email marketing, native integrations with best-in-class partner software such as Xero, Intercom, and Zapier, a fully Open API giving endless integration possibilities, and a system designed for full team and departmental collaboration.

gdpr data integrated
gdpr data privacy access control

2. Grouping for Data Privacy

Say goodbye to an ‘all-or-nothing’ approach to access control. SalesSeek data groups enable specific sets of information to be independently permissioned. Give access to the right information to only the right people and maintain a single source of true data.

3. Field level data source

Knowing where a record and specific element has come from is important. It gives you the ability to audit certain information acquired from one source, while not having to audit or delete the record entirely. By integrating a field level data source directly into the SalesSeek database, the ability to audit data by source origin becomes a simple process.

gdpr field level data source
gdpr data portability

4. One-click data portability

GDPR introduces the right for data portability, and places limits and expectations on time scales, reasonableness, and costs. SalesSeek will be introducing functionality that not only supports a ‘one-click’ download of a person’s data, but also the ability to tag ‘private notes’ data that should be excluded from that export.

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